Elgin House Cleaning

House Cleaning & Maid Service in Elgin

House Cleaning & Maid Service in Elgin

We all know cleaning your home is the last thing you want to do after a long week. Do you ever wish that you could just snap your fingers and *poof*, your home is clean and tidy, all without you having to lift a finger? Well, now you can! It isn’t magic. It’s Swept

Swept is a premium home cleaning and maid service that offers customized home cleaning services to Elgin residents living in homes of all shapes and sizes. Elgin is also known as the Sausage Capital of Texas and the Brick Capital of the Southwest, due to the presence of three operating brickyards in the mid-20th century (two of which are open to this date).

Every time we clean a home, we focus on quality, flexibility and your guaranteed satisfaction.

Five-Star Quality House Cleaning Services

Our team is made up of competent, trained and professional house cleaners that have passed a stringent screening process. We hire only those individuals who not only excellent at what they do but also great at customer service. So we can go above and beyond every time!