Review of Easyway Maid Service

by Swept - December 3, 2018

Easyway Maid Service is a “sister company” to Swept. They hold many of the same customer service beliefs and always place the customer first. If you’ve ever tried to book a cleaning with us and we were unable to take your appointment, we probably referred you to Easyway! They’re a fantastic company and we would like to share Tyler’s review of them with you:

I would recommend Easyway to all my family and friends because of their efficient and professional service. Our cleaning team was very friendly and punctual.

The ease of the website makes booking a breeze. I also love how they send you reminders a few days before your cleaning. This is really helpful when you have a busy schedule.

You can’t beat their customer service and it’s amazing to have a company who truly puts their customers first and values feedback! Thank you Easyway!

-Tyler on Yelp

Easyway is one of the only other cleaning services in Austin that provides easy online booking and allows you to schedule, modify, or cancel all your bookings without ever having to pick up the phone

Their satisfaction guarantee and other policies protect their customers and make sure no one leaves unsatisfied with their service.

We suggest you check them out right away!

Find them at!

Or call them at (512) 793-7861